Coming Soon - FPUD Plant Vouchers

May contain: plant and cactus

Starting July 1, FPUD will be accepting applications for the Plant Voucher Program.  Approved applicants will recieve drought tolerant plants free of charge to transform their landscape.  The plants will be sourced from Silverthorn Nursery, a local plant nursery that uses FPUD recycled water to irrigate.  An online application will be posted on this page starting July 1, and submissions will be processed first come, first serve.  Participants will also be encouraged to enter in the San Diego County-wide Landscape Contest.  The winner from FPUD's service area will win an additional $250 prize.  Additional information will be posted on this page.  If you have any questions, please contact Mick Cothran at (760) 999-2721 or (redacted) 

Plant Voucher flier.pdf