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Free drought-tolerant plants worth $150 - 10 Vouchers Still Available - apply through our website today, pick up plants at an event at FPUD in October

May contain: plant and cactus

FPUD is now accepting applications for the all-new Plant Voucher Program. Approved applicants will receive a voucher good for up to $150 in drought-tolerant plants free of charge to transform their landscape. The plants will be sourced from Silverthorn Nursery, a local nursery that uses FPUD's recycled water to irrigate.

How do I participate?

This program is available to all FPUD customers.  Fill out the simple online application on the right of this page. Applications will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Basic information such as name, address and FPUD account number are required on the application. Applicants must also submit two photos of the area(s) to be planted, and a basic plan or sketch of the planting project.  A COMPLETED APPLICATION MUST ALSO SPECIFY THE QUANTITY OF EACH PLANT REQUESTED, AND THE CACULATED TOTAL VALUE OF THE VOUCHER REQUEST (not to exceed $150), PLEASE SEE THE EXAMPLE BELOW.

Once the application is approved, a letter will be emailed with pick-up details. There will be a pick-up event in October in the FPUD parking lot. 

Please review the Plants Available Using Plant Vouchers page below for more information on the plants being offered, and the voucher value of each plant. A completed application will also have an inventory of plants requested, including quantity, value of the requested plants and total voucher request (not to exceed $150). 

Plant request example:  Mediterranean Fan Palm (5), $60, Elephant's foot tree (10), $30, Succulent flat (3), $60, Total: $150 

All participants must agree to a post-planting inspection after the project is complete.

How do I learn more about drought-tolerant landscaping?

Please see the Drought Tolerant Landscaping page below,

2020 Landscape Contest

Plant voucher participants are also encouraged to enter in the San Diego County-wide 2020 Landscape Contest. FPUD will host a webpage for submissions. This page will be activated in the fall of 2019. The winner from FPUD's service area will win an additional $250 prize.  More information will be posted on this page later this year.  If you have any questions, please contact Mick Cothran at (760) 999-2721 or (redacted) or Noélle Denke at (760) 999-2706 or (redacted)