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Special Agricultural Water Rate (SAWR)

May contain: plant, produce, and food

This agricultural water program, offered by the San Diego County Water Authority (SDCWA) and administered locally by FPUD provides a reduced water rate for agricultural water users, in exchange for a binding agreement that water service at this rate may be reduced during drought cutbacks, as determined by the Metropolitan Water District of Los Angeles (MWD) and the SDCWA.  Please review all enrollment requirements listed in the "Instructions to Enroll in PSAWR Program" pdf at the bottom of this page, as some of these conditions have recently changed.

If you have been enrolled in the Special Agricultural Water Rate (SAWR) program (code "AT" or "AS" on your bill), you should be aware that the San Diego County Water Authority recently changed the program in several ways:

SAWR is now open to new qualified applicants;

▪ There is no minimum amount of land dedicated to agricultural purposes to qualify for the new SAWR Program;

▪ Parcels recieving a special agricultural water rate should be in compliance with the San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board's General Agricultural Order (Ag Order);

▪ All SAWR Participants must provide an updated enrollment form form each water account and proof of eligibility by being registered with at least one of the four eligibility programs listed below.  These programs are not administered by FPUD.  The process to enroll in the eligibility programs includes fees, paperwork and site inspections that vary for each agricultural property.

1. San Diego Pesticide Applicator License;

2. Active Certified Producers Certificate – County of San Diego

3. Organic Producers - United States Department of Agriculture;

4. San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board General Agricultural Order Enrollment Program.

For Eligibility Programs 1, 2 and 3, you may contact:

The San Diego County Department of Agriculture Weights and Measures

760-752-4700 (San Marcos Office). 

For information on Eligibility Program 4, the Water Board encourages applicants to enroll in the Ag Order through a third party vendor.  To begin this process you may contact:

Frog Environmental Group: 310-241-0866 ext 243 (Bradley)

The San Diego Farm Bureau/Irrigated Lands Group:  760-745-2215 (Tasha)

▪ If you do not meet the requirements of the PSAWR program, you may be eligible for FPUD's Commercial Agricultural Water Program

If you have any questions about the program or if you would like to submit an "Enrollment Form", contact Mick Cothran, Engineering Technician at (760)999-2721 or 

Please reference additional resources below:

Instructions to Enroll in the PSAWR Program.pdfBackflow Prevention Questionnaire_2020.pdfBackflow Installation Specification 2020.2.25.pdfPSAWR Enrollment Form.pdfCY2021 PSAWR Handbook 10.5.2020.pdf