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Student artwork featured in water calendar

Fourth-graders from Fallbrook schools put pens, crayons and watercolors to paper to color the best and brightest water-conservation posters. But of the 200 posters colored, only 14 made it into the final product: the 2022 “Be Water Smart” calendar.

Twelve of those winning images appear inside the calendar – one for each of the 12 months of the year; another image is printed on the cover and the other is for January of 2020. The calendars were given away at the District office earlier this year.

May contain: doodle, drawing, and art
First-place artwork by America Perez Martinez of Fallbrook STEM Academy

The pupils’ colorful images vividly depict the contest’s theme. FPUD judges scrutinized the entries to find the most eye-catching images illustrating the need for saving water. 

Those top Fallbrook artists were recognized at the December board of directors meeting. Each received a gift card to Walmart, school supplies, free food at McDonalds, a signed certificate of commendation, and their artwork was matted and framed for them.

The top three also won a T-shirt with their winning artwork printed on it.

First place is America Perez Martinez of Fallbrook STEM Academy. Second and third place are, respectively: Stephania Miranda and Hudson Quinn of Maie Ellis Elementary.

The annual contest is open only to FPUD fourth-graders since they have learned about water conservation and the water cycle by the fourth grade. Pupils from Live Oak Elementary, Fallbrook Street School, La Paloma and Maie Ellis Elementary submitted entries. The contest objective is to find the most eye-catching images illustrating the need for saving water. All 14 pieces of artwork will be displayed in the FPUD board room for a year.

The other winners are: Jordyn Jones of Frazier Elementary; Gabriel Velasco, Connor Siegler, Wendy Sanchez Hernandez and Lexie Graves of La Paloma; and Magaly Maldonado, Magaly Caralampio, Antonio Jesus, Maria Ordonez-Rodriguez, Mariana Jimenez and America Giles of Maie Ellis Elementary.