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Drinking Water Taste and Odor

The District is in a very good position with a full reservoir of local water.  It has been a very long time since the reservoir has been full.  Our local water from the Santa Margarita River is by far the cheapest water that we can get.  Obviously, the cheaper the water we buy the more we save. 

A person pouring water into a glass with ice cubes, lemon slice on the counter.

There is however a downside. 

We have to work hard at managing the water in the reservoir as we remove it.

Letting it sit still can impact the taste and smell.

There may be occasional taste and odor issues that pop up as we move water, requiring us to blend the water to keep the taste and odor issues at bay. 

We want to assure everyone that this is just an aesthetic issue and does not make the water unsafe to use.  Staff will work hard if we receive complaints to remedy the situation as quickly as possible.