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Service Discontinuation Policy

Non-Residential Meters 

Bills for water service and sewer service are delinquent if not paid on the bill due date. If your account remains unpaid for 30 days from original due date, you will be notified via telephone 48 hours prior to a late fee being assessed. A $30 late fee will be added to the account on day 31. At least 2 working days prior to termination of service, the District shall make a reasonable, good faith effort to contact an adult person residing at the property via telephone or by door hanger. After the expiration of  the 48 hour notification, an additional $50 disconnection processing fee for non-payment will be added, whether or not service is discontinued.

Service Discontinuation Policy Documents:

Service Discontinuation Policy - English.pdfService Discontinuation Policy - Spanish.pdfService Discontinuation Policy - Chinese.pdfService Discontinuation Policy - Vietnamese.pdfService Discontinuation Policy - Korean.pdfService Discontinuation Policy - Tagalog.pdf

Discontinuation of Water Service

Fallbrook Public Utility District may disconnect water service for customers who fail to make payment in accordance with the terms of the Discontinuation of Water Service policy.
This policy is effective January 1, 2020.

May contain: chart, plot, and text

Fallbrook Public Utility District is required by state law to publish the total number of water shut-offs due to account delinquency from the previous calendar year. This data is updated on an annual basis.