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The San Diego Regional Water Board is increasing enforcement of the General Agricultural Order

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The "Ag Order" is intended to protect local waterways from pollutants originating from ag properties

The State Diego Regional Water Board is a regional regulatory agency tasked with oversight and protection of water quality in local waterways.  In November of 2016, a "General Order" was put into effect pertaining to agricultural properties.  The order requires agricultural property owners to report detailed information about their agricultural operations including mapping, fertiler/chemical application and storage, and irrigation/stormwater runoff mitigation efforts.  Non-compliance with this order and/or negligent practices may be subject to fines or penalties.  If you are a farmer and you are not aware of this order or the steps that need to be taken to be in compliance, you may want to familiarize yourself with the regulations and consider ways to comply with the order.  The most efficient and cost effective way for farmers to comply with the regulations is through one of two regional third party groups; Frog Environmental or the San Diego Farm Bureau/Irrigated Lands Group.  All properties recieving the special agricultural water rate are required to be in compliance with the "Ag Order".