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Wet winter means end to drought

Significant rain and snowfall across the state this winter have led to an end of drought conditions in San Diego County and in most of California.

As a result, the board of directors have discontinued the  Level 2 “drought alert” and returned to a Level 1 “shortage watch.”

This change is due to the state’s key reservoirs significantly refilling. It’s also because the San Diego region has shown that it has sufficient water supplies to meet demands even if there are three additional dry years.

The region’s supply is sufficient because for the past 25 years, our regional wholesaler has invested in strategic projects that boosted our water supply. They include desalinated water from the Carlsbad Desalination Plant, local water development projects such as water recycling facilities, water transfer agreements with Imperial Irrigation District, and installation of a lot of water-conservation devices such as low-flow toilets and high-efficiency washers.

But the possibility of future dry spells remains and we strongly encourage water-wise practices.