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Job Opportunities:  There are no job opportunities available at this time.  Please check back to this page, which is updated as positions become available.

May include: persons, humans, hose, shovel, dirt, street, vehicles, hardhat, cones


What is FPUD?

Fallbrook Public Utility District is a public utility district that employs [67] full time employees to provide water and wastewater service in Fallbrook.  For more information, please review FPUD's organization chart.

Do I need experience in the field to get a job at FPUD?

Most positions at FPUD will require substantial experience in a given field, whether it be administration, finance or construction.  Interested job candidates should review the job descriptions for the field they would like to apply, which can be accessed "here".

I am interested in a construction job, but I am not familiar with the certifications listed in the job descriptions.  How do I learn more?

Most utility crew positions require that candidates possess certifications and/or familiarity in industry standards such as safety, infrastructure and water/wastewater operations and maintenance practices.  Community colleges such as Palomar College, Cuyamaca College and many others offer courses for water and wastewater professionals. 

What are certifications and how do I get them?

Potential FPUD job candidates should consider earning certifications to strengthen their candidacy for utility crew positions.  The California State Water Resource Control Board offers certifications in Water and Water Treatment Operations, and Wastewater Treatment Operations.  Course work in water programs at community colleges often times prepare students for certifications in the various Water and Wastewater operations fields.