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FPUD Board of Directors Declare Normal Conditions, Rescind Drought Level 2

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Bureau of Reclamation facility at Lake Mead (Colorado River) before a press conference regarding water supply conditions

After a winter with substantial precipitation in Fallbrook (over 25 inches measured at the FPUD offices since September 2022) and rain and snowfall throughout the western United States, drought conditions in our region have improved.  Water supplies, including FPUD’s local Santa Margarita Conjunctive Use Project and the California State Water Project are anticipating above average yields due to the above average precipitation and record-breaking snowpack amassed during the winter/spring of 2022-23.      

On March 24, 2023 the Governor of California signed Executive Order N-5-23, which recognizes the improved hydrological conditions in the State, and rescinds some provisions listed in Executive Order N-7-22 (March 28, 2022), including the order that the State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) require public water suppliers to implement the demand reduction measures for a stage 2 water shortage.  Some provisions of Executive Order N-7-22 remain in effect, including prohibitions on irrigating certain non-functional turf and a designation of severe drought on the Colorado River basin’s system of reservoirs, an integral component of Southern California’s imported water supply.  Continued conservation efforts by water purveyors throughout the arid west will be imperative to prepare for and adapt to future periods of drought.

The District’s Water Shortage Response Program (Administrative Code, Article 17) identifies practical conservation measures that are in place at all times (Normal Conditions), and contains six levels to aid the District’s response to water shortage conditions. 

At this time, a Normal Conditions have been declared, which voluntary conservation measures in place:

  • Avoid washing off sidewalks, roadways and other hardscape with a hose
  • Use a positive shutoff nozzle when hand watering landscapes or washing a car
  • Eliminate runoff from landscape irrigation, reduce irrigation during cooler weather and avoid watering after measurable rain events
  • Check water systems for leaks, and make repairs promptly
  • Limit spray irrigation to run times between 6pm and 10am
FPUD Water Shortage Response Program