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FPUD crews helped with Paradise fire’s disaster recovery

Crews from FPUD left Sunday, Sept. 22  to help rebuild water services in Paradise, Calif. after the devastating Camp Fire roared through in November 2018, essentially leveling the town.

The Camp Fire burned 153,336 acres, destroyed 18,804 structures and resulted in 85 deaths plus several firefighter injuries. CAL FIRE reported it as the deadliest, most destructive fire in California’s history.

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Colter Shannon, Toby Stoneburner, Matt Perez and Austin Wendt prepare for departure.

Paradise Irrigation District is still struggling to repair the damaged infrastructure that resulted in more than 10,500 customers being issued a “do not drink” water advisory.

Colter Shannon and Austin Wendt left the FPUD yard Sept. 22 to make the 565-mile, 10-hour drive to Paradise. One week later on Sept. 29, two more FPUD crew members, Toby Stoneburner and Matt Perez, departed for the town. Each two-member team spent two days driving and five days working on repairs for a total of seven days.

Their time away didn’t cost FPUD a penny as their labor is reimbursed by FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Act.

“We do this because we recognize that we are in a fire-prone area here in Fallbrook,” said general manager Jack Bebee.

Fallbrook’s Rice Fire in 2007 burned 206 homes, 9,000 acres and two commercial properties. Bebee said he knows Fallbrook may one day need the help.

Crews want to help repair the town

“I just wanted to help,” said Wendt. “That town went through devastation and I could actually do something to physically help. My wife and I always send backpacks to places devastated by hurricanes. For the most recent one, we sent 25 backpacks stuffed with school supplies.”

Bebee said the crews could bring back with them some of the lessons they learned from the destruction and repair work. He said the district is also working with North County Fire on emergency preparedness and the FPUD board room has been set up as an emergency command center in the event it is needed.

May contain: pants, clothing, apparel, human, person, jeans, and denim
Austin, Colter and Toby examine a burned water meter they were given after helping with repairs in the burned town of Paradise, Calif.