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Water Supply Reliability Self Certification

Filed with the State Water Resources Control Board

In May 2016, the State Water Resources Control Board adopted new Drought Regulations allowing retail water agencies to certify as to the actual water supply conditions impacting their individual service areas. Based upon information supplied by its wholesale supplier, the San Diego County Water Authority, the Fallbrook Public Utility District was able to file the Water Supply Reliability Self-Certification Report, shown below, confirming that FPUD will have access to enough water to meet all domestic, commercial and agricultural water needs in its service area at least through the end of 2016 and likely beyond. This was the case in 2015 and is still today because of the investments made by water rate payers in FPUD and throughout San Diego in water conservation, water transfers, recycling, and alternative Seawater Desalination supplies.

However, even though there is a full supply today, it is still and will always be important to conserve, use water efficiently and avoid waste of this precious resource to help preserve our water supply reliability for the future.

Finally, FPUD would like to thank all of its customers for your cooperation, patience, and understanding in responding to the water supply restrictions and the very respectful and considerate way you have dealt with District staff during a very difficult and stressful period.

Brian Brady, General Manager

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